Thinkin’ Bout Bloggin’

I’m East London chanteuse and songwriter Neech. I let inspiration blow from all directions. I love soul, blues, indie, hip hop, reggae, pop, all sorts really. My tracks range from the sultry acoustic ‘summer stories’ and the bouncy dub tinged ‘MerryGoRound’, to the fuzzed-up warped forces that drive ‘Thinking ’bout You’. ‘Label Me’ celebrates a lazy desert heat whilst defending friendships… Have a listen, maybe you’ll understand…

Growing up with the sounds of reggae, hi-life and soul divas at home, heavily influenced by the indie scene of my mates, a personal love for hip hop, and a stint as singer for electronic band, Euphonic, I combined this with an abstract blend of old-school soul, blues and electronica to create my own style with the help of a fantastic band. The ensuing sound invites you into darker territories and tells of intimate secrets with a warmth and originality that’s hopefully impossible to ignore.

I’ve been thinking that I need a way to talk freely with anyone who wants to know about what I’m up to musically and I hear blogging may be the way to do it. So please come back every now and then. Have a cuppa, and a read. And if you feel like commenting on anything, maybe we’ll have a little natter too. Either way, thanks for stopping by.


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