Music Heads

So I’m back in London again. It’s lovely to be back home. Exhausting, but lovely.

A good friend and music maker, Gumnaam, from Netherlands, has been in and out of London a lot lately. Having tracks regularly played on Nihal’s Radio 1 show and his vinyl releases on sale around London. Gumnaam is one of those fabulously hard working artists. We met through a mutual friend in Amsterdam, and I performed at one of his nights. We wound up in his Haarlem studio together, me jamming over his beats and us all generally having a lovely time. I left him with some of my music, in particular some acoustic parts that me and OIi had laid down. Over the last couple of years I’ve known him he has sent me various remixes of my songs as well as tunes he’s made out of our jam session and also new beats for me to work on.

Luckily for me he’s been about this week too so I took the chance to catch up with him last night. Sat like proper tourists sipping a vodka at the beautiful Thameshead pub looking out over the river,  watching the sky darken. I love this part of London. I’ve always made a point of driving over London Bridge at night if I happen to find myself in my car returning from anywhere South London of an evening.  Ah its nice to be home.

So we chatted about recent work he’s done. He’s currently releasing an EP featuring a track I’m on. And he also sent me 3 remixes of my album/ acoustic tracks a couple of weeks back which he wants to release as a remix EP for me. Brilliant. (I’ll keep you informed, reader/listener!) I wasn’t the most creative of people in Paris. I concentrated more on promoting others via BalconyTV Paris than making my music, so it fabulous to have someone else creating for you.

During our evening I got a call from my one of my best boys’, long time collaborator and favourite MC, Profit. He and Gumnaam hadn’t seen each other for about 2 years so it was lovely to hear them gas about DJs and MCs they both know and respect. Plus Profit’s album is close to completion and, fingers crossed, release. That, my dears, with be a must-buy item, I warn you now.

So watching my city light up at night, and listening to the guys wax lyrical (see what I did there?!) about their projects, I could sense a little warm glow inside… being around my people who want to make music and want me to create too… I’m so happy to be getting my music head back on.

Loves xxx

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