C is for Choir

What a lovely sing songy time this is turning out to be. But what’s really lovely, is taking the time to go and sing with other singers.

I’ve been in choirs at various stages during my life. My most memorable and longserving one being The Works, run by Laka D at the ENO’s Works building on Pitfield St. This was a large choir for 16-25 year olds. Each Wednesday we would meet to learn songs, harmonies, and songwriting. Throughout the year we would do workshops with singers, musicians and dancers from all kinds of backgrounds and perform at various events. I met some of my favourite singers in this choir; Nell, Ade, John…

Since then I’ve been in and run other smaller choirs and singing groups. But one in particular caught my attention. The OneTaste choir, run by the lovely Stac.

Having followed their events from afar while in Paris, I finally got the chance to go and be part of the OneTaste choir. And what a treat. Even just the harmonic warm up session filled me with with a warm tingly glow (or maybe that was the ants on the hall floor crawling on me while my eyes were shut?) Not only am I back in London, but I am BACK in the loveliness of a beautiful sounding singing group. I hope this is a love affair that can go on and on for aaaages.

I’m already signed up to do a show with the lovely ladies at the Bedford:

Come along if you can!

loves xxx

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