New Year New Neech!

Merry New Year!

So I’ve been away a while, but I have been busy.  And as a writer, lover of lists, resolutions and talking, it was only a matter of time before I got to the ‘must write blog’ section of my resolutions.

The second half of 2011 was pretty damn good Despite the fact that I didn’t feel like I was making much of my own music. But looking back, that’s wrong. Yes I was singing beautiful harmonies with others, especially The OneTaste Choir (including backing vocals for one fabulous Miss Alice Russell) and performing/ recording with the Dancefloor Outlaws and Profit (of course). I was also, slowly but surely, writing a whole load of new Neech material with the wonderful Monsieur Oli Thompson. Hopefully you will get to hear the new material soon, but for those of you who can’t wait, I have uploaded a couple of bits of work in progress (remember that!) onto Soundcloud.

The first is ManCloud which is currently midway through being produced by Paris’ finest, Borrina Mapaka (Longo). Oli and I recorded guitar and vocals back in September 2011, and left the rest up to Borrina and the boys. Production is temporarily halted as a massive studio move is underway but you can hear the direction it’s headed.

The second track I’m sharing with you at this early stage is called Is It?. This is a recording we made just after we had finished writing the bare bones of it, mainly so we could remember it. Personally I still really like it. I’d be interested to know your thoughts… but be gentle. I am still a sensitive artiste.

I’ll be back soon with more, but I’m signing off for now as today is a very big day for me. More on that soon.

Loves, more than ever.  xxx

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