So I said a few days ago that I had a big day ahead of me and suggested I would get back to you on that. Well here we are…

Turns out there is going to be a babyneech joining us before the summer, around the start of June in fact. I am, of course, delighted. So is Mr Neech, Léo. The big day was in fact my anomoly scan day, that’s the 20 week (halfway!!!) check up scan, where you find out if everything is going well (it is), and if you want to know, the sex (we did).

It’s been an emotional rollercoaster ride so far. I’m not the most child-conscious person. I have zero experience of kids and I love red wine. And vodka. And staying out all night partying. And that has all had to stop. (I have a renewed love of sleep.) But this is a very exciting new chapter in my life, and while I really don’t want to rush things (I am so not prepared!) I can’t wait to meet the little person! But never fear, this is not about to become a baby blog… just wanted to share my news. And avoid awkward moments when you see me and are too scared to ask me who ate all the pies.

This also coincides with me and Oli booking ourselves in for our first London Neech gig in 2 years. Yes we’ve both performed with other bands, choirs, and together with friends for the infamous SickRock soirées. But as Neech? Seems like ages, and it is. It was only when Oli pointed out that our last few Neech performances had been in Paris that I realised we’d been neglecting the homeland. But not any more. We’ll be showcasing a few new tunes as well as a few oldies. All acoustically as it’s been rather unplanned and last minute (not my usual way of doing things), with no time to get together with a full band for a jam. Bientôt, j’espère.

It’s also my first gig with a bun in the oven. Now, the important decisions… Do I draw attention to the bump or bag it out and just look like a casual fatty? What to wear, what to wear…

bisous my loves. xx

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2 Responses to NEECHiNEWS

  1. jimitha says:

    congratulations, neechy. much love.

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