Post Water Rats…

Phew and WOWeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Its good to be BACK!

1st Neech gig in London for 2 years is now done. I’ve been on such a high all day that I couldn’t sit still to write this. What fun! How I’ve missed having a warble and a belt out, all dressed up and showing off. Lovely.

It was so lovely to see some familiar faces there. And new ones too. And really nice to be able to play our new songs out, and show everyone that I’m going through a new phase in my life… possibly softening a little, but not completely. And obviously the bulge in my gold dress more than hinted at the biggest change!

New song “Is It” went down really well, even causing some tears out there in the darkness. Oli and I really enjoyed playing “Learning“, of course having dedicated it to exes everywhere. My Mum, biased yet always painfully honest, rated it as one of her fave gigs. Can’t complain about that! Oli “Fingers” Thompson was on top form as always. That man is talent personified… and, musically, all mine (if I ignore his other musical projects)! I’m so proud of him!

After the gig we were whisked away by Mary Blue of Streetlife Radio for a quick interview, where she described me as a mix of Cleo Laine and Amy Winehouse, and Oli was compared to John Dankworth.  Make of that what you will.

Then it was back to the venue to watch everyone else down a few pints and enjoy the rest of the evening. Some other good bands on too. Most noteably, synthy electronic pop/soul girls “Heads Hearts”, and my new favourites, two Zambian brothers going by the name of “Bite The Buffalo”. Check them out!

So I think I have the live bug again… I wasn’t sure before the show how I’d feel. But I loved it. I’ve missed being onstage, getting glammed up to present my own work, and creating that thing that is created when I work with Fingers.

Watch this space, I think you’ll be seeing a bit more of Neech out and about.

I loves it.

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