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M is for Music, Mothers and MUSEfest!

M is for Music… Mothers… MUSEfest…. So Music, obviously. Who are your influences and why? This is the kind of question that gets most music makers, performers, writers, players and lovers talking. I personally could go on about this subject … Continue reading

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Sound: Check

On Saturday 2nd March, I will be singing with the OneTaste Choir at this spectacular event at St. John at Hackney, all in aid of ChildHope. There will be beautiful music, some of which we will be harmonising with, and … Continue reading

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Blow Your Own Trumpet

Neech and other artists share their knowledge at Diverse Music Solutions.

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Proud Neech

So, we gots another London show coming up. This time we’re on the acoustic stage at the weekly event, Soul Food @ Proud Camden. Come down and warm your cockles with us. We’re doing new songs and old songs, and there’s … Continue reading

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Post Water Rats…

Phew and WOWeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Its good to be BACK! 1st Neech gig in London for 2 years is now done. I’ve been on such a high all day that I couldn’t sit still to write this. What fun! How I’ve missed … Continue reading

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E is for Etta

Etta James has left the building. born: Jamesetta Hawkins  25th January 1938 – died: 20th January 2012 I’m not the 1st to say it, but Etta ‘Miss Peaches’ James was a major influence on me. I, like many other female vocalists, would … Continue reading

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So I said a few days ago that I had a big day ahead of me and suggested I would get back to you on that. Well here we are… Turns out there is going to be a babyneech joining … Continue reading

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1st London show in 2 years.

CHERUBS! I HAVE NEWS! NEECH IS BACK!!!! LIVE! ON MONDAY 23rd JANUARY! After 2 years swanning about on the other side of the channel Neech has returned to the UK! This is the 1st London gig in all that time, … Continue reading

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New Year New Neech!

Merry New Year! So I’ve been away a while, but I have been busy.  And as a writer, lover of lists, resolutions and talking, it was only a matter of time before I got to the ‘must write blog’ section … Continue reading

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C is for Choir

What a lovely sing songy time this is turning out to be. But what’s really lovely, is taking the time to go and sing with other singers. I’ve been in choirs at various stages during my life. My most memorable … Continue reading

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